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Based on True Events ...
The enchanted Golden Bottle holds a special magic brew

An elixir strong and potent if you have a sip or two


The key to life and right to party held within its glass

Beckons all to come and party at our exclusive affairs world class


But alas one day the bottle went missing and left but just one clue

2 coffee mugs in its spot with a freakish spill bright blue


The bottle has been stolen and to this day is still not found

To party and live we need your help to find this potion renowned


Come join the quest we have begun to find this bottle Gold

Are you the one that saves the fun as our story’s told?


The first to bring the Bottle to our gracious Blue Coffee hosts

Along with thanks and maybe a prize will gain the rights to boast


So buckle up and get your gear the hunt it has begun

Find that bottle, do it quick don’t find you’ve been outdone


Find the Golden Bottle and Blue Coffee shout with glee

For once it’s done we return to fun with the biggest jubilee!


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